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Future space travel is here! Spencer Travel was one of the first
travel agents worldwide to be appointed as a Virgin Galactic
Accredited Space travel agent in 2006.

Since then Spencer Travel sold the first fully paid ticket to space by an accredited Space Agent worldwide.
Our Accredited Space Agents Tina Killeen, Louise Brown and Nicole Blake have had extensive training on the Virgin Galactic product and experience. Tina and Louise completed their Sub-orbital Space Flight Training with NASTAR in January 2008.

Spencer Travel has attended all major events with Virgin Galactic including:

  • ASA Forum, New Mexico October 2012
  • Spaceport America, New Mexico October 2011
  • ASA Forum New Mexico October 2010
  • SpaceShip2 unveil Mojave December 2009
  • ASA Forum New York City January 2008
  • Spaceport America, New Mexico October 2010
  • ASA Forum Los Angeles December 2009
  • WhiteKnight2 unveil Mojave Desert August 2008
  • SpaceShip2 and WhiteKnight2 Design Unveil New York City January 2008


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